Interested in a Henna Art Tattoo and How to Apply One?

The henna art tattoo has been around for centuries. This process is also known as Mehndi, and has been practiced traditionally in India, North Africa, and the Middle East. It is often used at celebration ceremonies, weddings mau hinh xam phuong hoang lua dep kin lung tay cho nam especially. The bride has her hands and feet decorated with beautiful reddish brown designs and patterns, usually done the night before. It is thought to bring good luck.

Much has changed and this temporary henna art tattoo method has spread and has been widely accepted by the western world. It has been embraced by celebrities and has become increasingly popular. You still see traditional designs and patterns plus new contemporary ones. It’s no longer for just the hands and feet but can now be found on the wrists, legs, stomach, and back.

One of the benefits of a henna art tattoo is that it is 100% natural. It comes from the henna plant. The leaves are dried and then ground up into a powder. This powder is combined with an oil like clove or eucalyptus and made into a paste. The paste is poured into a cone or applicator bottle and applied to the skin. Henna is also used to condition and dye hair. It works well with the skin and is also an antiseptic which can be used for bruises and burns.

Creating a henna art tattoo on the skin is harmless. When the plant leaves are ground up, they release a organic compound called lawsone. Lawsone binds with the proteins in the outer layer of the skin to create a reddish brown stain in a few hours. As the skin sheds and falls off the body, the tattoo fades with it.

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